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"Aston Martin DB11" is the latest GT sports car

“Aston Martin DB11” is the latest GT sports car

Today we come to get to know another legendary sports car. Of the luxury sports car camp from England, the Aston Martin DB11 is the latest GT sports car,  which was launch at the Genveva Motor Show to be complete. The Aston Martin DB11 comes with a 5.2-liter

9 "Automotive innovations" that are so close

9 “Automotive innovations” that are so close

Automotive innovations technology is moving fast, that kind If not following the news Or experience new cars Continuously We may meet new challenges. Unexpectedly, such as finding a way to start the engine. Even though it’s design to be a lot easier Using a smart key system And start button. Who is familiar with

7 Ways to make you "stop being distracted"

7 Ways to make you “stop being distracted”

Stop being distracted, you yourself already know. That it would be absurd to spend hours deciding what to eat for lunch today. As well as spending weeks deciding whether to accept a deal for this work? Or does it take years to figure out whether to marry this

"Ferrari" Queen of the Road, Supper Car

“Ferrari” Queen of the Road, Supper Car

When it comes to Ferrari, many people would have imagined a sporty, elegant, sporty car with speedy dynamism as the nickname given to the horse-drawn Ferrari logo. That soars forward The beauty of this Ferrari family is like a sassy young woman with versatility like a

"Energy Future car trends, Renewable energy

“Energy Future car trends, Renewable energy

The effects of global warming have put pressure on all countries of the world to take measures to reduce their use of fossil energy.In addition, the need for energy security is another factor that pressures countries. Reduce fuel consumption by  Supplying other energy To replace oil in

How to "save gas" What can we do

How to “save gas” What can we do

Gas, in a time when the economy is hit by the COVID- 19 epidemic, many people have to tighten their belts, saving most of their money. Which for car users Has been affected by this as well Because during the normal period, the market price of the oil will change and decrease. Fluctuate



Believe that Lamborghini is the dream car of many. People without a doubt. With a beautiful appearance Hard to get to grips with. These are the main factors that make it the ideal vehicle for drivers. And one of the models. That I want to introduce to get to know

"Automotive innovation", Soar to the top

“Automotive innovation”, Soar to the top

Automotive innovation, when the car became the fifth factor of life It is a necessity that many people want to acquire as well as housing or other assets. Making the evolution of the automobile more and more advanced, competing with creativity Inventing new types of vehicles to meet the needs

"Choose the right car for your 5 lifestyles"

“Choose the right car for your 5 lifestyles”

Each year we can see that each brand of cars releases new, beautiful and modern models. Whether it is a distinctive shape, cutting edge technology, or even designing a living space to suit the changing lifestyles of people. But apart from the beauty that resonates with the

"6 Reasons Why Supercar Driving Isn't As Cool"

“6 Reasons Why Supercar Driving Isn’t As Cool”

Because it is expensive Supercar import tax in Thailand is extremely expensive. When going to risk buying a car tax evasion If they were caught, they wouldn’t have been worth it. So if you’re not sure if you’re really rich enough Gritting your teeth. ฺBuying and driving a supercar creates