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"Autonomous Car" technology in 2040 and 2050

“Autonomous Car” technology in 2040 and 2050

The year 2040-2050 is coming to this. It is said that autonomous vehicle technology will be very powerful. The technology of such cars is ” Autonomous Car”  is a powerful future technology. Driving will calculate the internal system. Can prevent accidents on the road And must be tested to see if the vehicle

5 Ways to "prepare your car before your trip"

5 Ways to “prepare your car before your trip”

Into the long trip.  It is a time when many people are preparing to go on a long vacation on New Year’s Day. Long-distance travel season relax yourself from work all year round. And a global problem like COVID-19 However, something that should not be ignored for everyone. Who plan

"Luxury sports cars", the most expensive in the world

“Luxury sports cars”, the most expensive in the world

Luxury sports cars. The car is more refined and modern in production. The more the price is very high including the shitty design And luxury that some models have reached the stage to produce only a few cars in the world The more the value of the car is

"Charging your electric car at home"

“Charging your electric car at home”

For the charging your electric car at home 80% of the time you charge your electric vehicle at home. This means that it is very important for you to know what you are doing. And to charge properly to make the whole process as easy as possible for

10 Best "Automotive Technologies" of 2021

10 Best “Automotive Technologies” of 2021

These days, the electronic technology you find in a car is almost as important as what’s under the hood. These systems are key to everything from safety and security to connectivity and communication. And as cars become more sophisticated, it directly affects how you interact

Take a look at 10 "luxury car brands" you want to see

Take a look at 10 “luxury car brands” you want to see

Of course, the price is higher. Surely comes with the words Quality and outstanding That no one can easily possess. Are you one of those people who, despite not having the merit of exorbitantly expensive items, but loves and loves to look away, today we would like to please all men

9 Most "Advanced Car Technologies", Answering The Future

9 Most “Advanced Car Technologies”, Answering The Future

“Car”, a land vehicle technology produced to meet the transportation problems in the past. Causing the convenience of traveling From the past, we had to ride a carriage, horseback riding, elephant riding and boating for several days to reach our destination. Just by using a car can greatly