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The new 5-door Suzuki Jimny LWB

The new 5-door Suzuki Jimny LWB

The new 5-door Suzuki Jimny LWB may get the same 1.4-liter Turbo Boosterjet petrol engine as the Swift Sport, but will be added with a Mild-hybrid system. Earlier, foreign auto media reported that Suzuki was in the process of developing a long-wheelbase version of the Jimny LWB. As well as

Invite to visit "Kosovo", a new country from the European Union

Invite to visit “Kosovo”, a new country from the European Union

Kosovo or Republic of Kosovo Are a freshman from the European Union Although it was established on February 17, 2008, it is not like that within the souls of the people of Kosovo. Everyone has always accepted themselves as a country. So let’s take a look and study an

"Organize the corner of the work desk"

“Organize the corner of the work desk”

Okay, ladies working like WFH should come back again, so Mirror wondered if that’s normal. We believe in the science of feng shui desk at work. When we switch to work at home Feng Shui will be involved in the work or not. So today we asked Dr. Matchimapunphol, the answer

"Online shopping" technique, Good shopping girl style

“Online shopping” technique, Good shopping girl style

We know at this time Well, in this kind of economy, anything can be light But the shop is good, all good CFs will stop shopping at all. Would feel like life was missing something We conclude that we have a beautiful safe online shop technique to assure you

7 Ways to make you "stop being distracted"

7 Ways to make you “stop being distracted”

Stop being distracted, you yourself already know. That it would be absurd to spend hours deciding what to eat for lunch today. As well as spending weeks deciding whether to accept a deal for this work? Or does it take years to figure out whether to marry this

How to "save gas" What can we do

How to “save gas” What can we do

Gas, in a time when the economy is hit by the COVID- 19 epidemic, many people have to tighten their belts, saving most of their money. Which for car users Has been affected by this as well Because during the normal period, the market price of the oil will change and decrease. Fluctuate

"Choose the right car for your 5 lifestyles"

“Choose the right car for your 5 lifestyles”

Each year we can see that each brand of cars releases new, beautiful and modern models. Whether it is a distinctive shape, cutting edge technology, or even designing a living space to suit the changing lifestyles of people. But apart from the beauty that resonates with the

great way to clean leather seats. Let's tell you!

Great way to clean leather seats. Let’s tell you!

Today we will invite you to talk about car care. Most people would think that taking care of a car means checking the engine or parts in good condition. Which is not wrong. These matters are all very important. But today we wants to invite friends to look at another

5 Ways to "prepare your car before your trip"

5 Ways to “prepare your car before your trip”

Into the long trip.  It is a time when many people are preparing to go on a long vacation on New Year’s Day. Long-distance travel season relax yourself from work all year round. And a global problem like COVID-19 However, something that should not be ignored for everyone. Who plan

"Charging your electric car at home"

“Charging your electric car at home”

For the charging your electric car at home 80% of the time you charge your electric vehicle at home. This means that it is very important for you to know what you are doing. And to charge properly to make the whole process as easy as possible for