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The future of automotive technology

The future of automotive technology

automotive industry It is changing rapidly with digital technology. that is advance in the present automotive technology are constantly evolving By using new technology to participate as much as possible Sometimes automotive technology grows so fast that we can hardly keep up. The availability of new automotive technology has made driving easier and

ORA Punk Cat new Chinese electric turtle car

ORA Punk Cat new Chinese electric turtle car

The new ORA Punk Cat, a Chinese electric vehicle with a similar exterior to the five-door turtle. That made its world debut at Auto Shanghai 2021 in April. The ORA Punk Cat is one of the ORA electric prototypes. That were unveil at the Shanghai Motor Show a few months ago. The

Where is "Video Streaming"? Suit you best

Where is “Video Streaming”? Suit you best

Technology advancement Combined with modern people’s lifestyles, Video Streaming has become more and more popular and more popular. Importantly, Video Streaming is also a copyrighted online viewing channel. Legally as well. Currently, there are a variety of Video Streaming you to choose from. Which depends on the preferences of

Live life at full speed Keep up with OPPO A94

Live life at full speed Keep up with OPPO A94

If talking about smartphones to watch this year One of them cannot talk about OPPO A94, because this smartphone is packed full of performance in the A Series, which is OPPO’s mid-range range only !! Tell me that this event is tight, hard, come to appease the

"In conclusion, Clubhouse solves the myths of EV cars"

“In conclusion, Clubhouse solves the myths of EV cars”

At this time, the motor show is showing cars, many people are paying attention to the EV cars, even after entering the car, it received a lot of attention and is another option to reduce pollution as well. March beartai together with MG to open an educational

9 "Automotive innovations" that are so close

9 “Automotive innovations” that are so close

Automotive innovations technology is moving fast, that kind If not following the news Or experience new cars Continuously We may meet new challenges. Unexpectedly, such as finding a way to start the engine. Even though it’s design to be a lot easier Using a smart key system And start button. Who is familiar with

"Energy Future car trends, Renewable energy

“Energy Future car trends, Renewable energy

The effects of global warming have put pressure on all countries of the world to take measures to reduce their use of fossil energy.In addition, the need for energy security is another factor that pressures countries. Reduce fuel consumption by  Supplying other energy To replace oil in

"Automotive innovation", Soar to the top

“Automotive innovation”, Soar to the top

Automotive innovation, when the car became the fifth factor of life It is a necessity that many people want to acquire as well as housing or other assets. Making the evolution of the automobile more and more advanced, competing with creativity Inventing new types of vehicles to meet the needs

"EV Car Trend": Lessons From Japan

“EV Car Trend”: Lessons From Japan

Electric cars, a good new alternative Brought to the great adaptation of the automotive industry. Especially the technology leader country from Japan. To watch the world over And interesting lessons for Thailand At the same time, there are some issues that both governments and private companies need to pay attention

"Autonomous Car" technology in 2040 and 2050

“Autonomous Car” technology in 2040 and 2050

The year 2040-2050 is coming to this. It is said that autonomous vehicle technology will be very powerful. The technology of such cars is ” Autonomous Car”  is a powerful future technology. Driving will calculate the internal system. Can prevent accidents on the road And must be tested to see if the vehicle