5 Ways to “prepare your car before your trip”

Into the long trip.  It is a time when many people are preparing to go on a long vacation on New Year’s Day. Long-distance travel season relax yourself from work all year round. And a global problem like COVID-19 However, something that should not be ignored for everyone. Who plan to drive long-distance Is to check the condition Prepare the car before the trip. To prevent force majeure or various accidents along the way. Because the cars are design to be used over long distances. And periods But there are limitations Like humans, such as heat, energy (fuel), etc. In this article, we will provide 5 ways to prepare your car before you go on a trip.

1. Check the car condition periodically 

This first point can be consider as the basis for using the car. Vehicle inspection Regularly will help keep the car in a ready-to-use condition. To avoid damage along the way, such as little radiator fluid that results in overheating on the way. Or leaking engine oil and causing damage to the engine, etc. The vehicle can be checked in several ways as follows

  • Measure all the liquid levels in the car. Any point that needs to be filled should be filled up. (Glass spray) Any point should be in the right amount, it should be strictly followed. (Engine oil level, gear oil level, brake fluid should be centered when the machine is cool)
  • Check the air filter. Because the road is another place that is full of pollution The air or intake can travel to the combustion chamber well. Will send the fuel to be completely burned Affect the fuel rate on the distance
  • Lighting and lighting systems Because on the road Cars can not communicate with each other. And can’t say anything to the driver The signal and the lighting system at all points on the car is very important. Because in addition to making awareness of various conditions Of the car, and also illuminates the path or to signal a roadmate. It can help you avoid any accidents or damage. 
  • Brake Pads The condition of the brake pads contributes to the death penalty during a critical period. Because the brake pads help reduce the braking distance Are the main parts that help prevent accidents from collisions.
  • Various spare parts that can deteriorate over time such as rubber, glass edge, door seal, engine platform Although these parts will not affect the vehicle at all when it wears out. But it also affects the driver’s concentration. Because driving long distances should not be disturbed by ambient noise or from the engine room. Or water leaks from various points.

2. Check the tire air

Tires in addition to being used to drive along the way It is also the part that affects the safety of driving. Passenger comfort And affects the fuel rate per distance as well Therefore, the tire pressure check is very important. Even if you don’t travel far Checking and inflating the tires should be done on a weekly basis.

3. Check the air conditioning system

For Thailand The air conditioner in the car is very important. With our home weather that is hot all year round Even when driving in the north or northeast in winter If it is during the day The sun will be hot until it affects the interior of the cabin anyway. So the air conditioner doesn’t work. Should immediately enter the garage for repair Because driving in hot, sweaty or having to open the driver window For some people, it may not like the noise. Which affects concentration during driving

4. Check the operation of the electrical system

Because the car has to rely on the electrical system from the start of the car By starting the car, electricity is required from the battery. And during driving it is power by an alternator or alternator to supply power to other systems. Such as lighting systems, different lights, sensors And especially new cars With electrical systems such as windows, multimedia, rear view camera, electric steering, electric throttle, etc. Which affect the aesthetic And concentrate on driving the driver as well. 

5. Prepare an emergency kit

When having to trip far. We could never know. Whether there will be an emergency with our car or passengers. The area where it was then may not be appropriate or difficult to call for help. Therefore, having an emergency kit is important. Because not only an emergency kit There is a first aid kit. But there are also flashlights, jump starter cables, tire sealing spray, screwdrivers, wrenches, spare fuse kits, ufabet which if unexpected problems occur. Initial fixes to allow the car to run for longer distances to seek further professional help. It is necessary.

After the preparation is complete Then start the engine and go on a trip without worry However, driving with strict attention to the environment around the traffic laws Will help to travel safely.