7 Ways to make you “stop being distracted”

Stop being distracted, you yourself already know. That it would be absurd to spend hours deciding what to eat for lunch today. As well as spending weeks deciding whether to accept a deal for this work? Or does it take years to figure out whether to marry this boyfriend or not?

You might think “Enough, should be… decide.” But after just a few minutes Hesitation and anxiety keep coming in and on, even if you’ve tried to immunize some of these feelings.

Everyone has probably been through this situation before. And how to cope varies by site Quora have had to ask. “I think this is a good habit ?” There are many people who shared their own way. Along with voting for the most creative answers And can be summarized as 7 main ways to help you stop being overactive and distracted:

1.Notice your thoughts

The most important part of meditation is Letting your thoughts pass Instead of sticking to it or trying to stop thinking about it.

Mindfulness: Meditation is what helps you. Stop obsessing over the past. By letting you try to observe your own thoughts Instead of obsessed with it

Steve Jobs has described the same method to his biographer, Walter Isaacson :

“Try to sit still and observe your thoughts. You will know that thinking is truly limitless and when you try to keep it still. It only gets worse But your mind will calm down by itself after a while. And when your mind is calm, there is room for more sensitive things. ”

2. Write down your thoughts distracted

Another way to help stop your highs is to vent to people who have a different viewpoint than you. Or you can use the method of writing your thoughts on paper instead Because writing makes us think more systematically If you keep those thoughts in your head In addition to gathering together until the Lauga Mountains It still makes you think about the same thing over and over again.

3. Set a time period for “Stopping thinking” distracted

Setting a “Stop Thinking” zone can help keep you from becoming too obsessed with a particular issue, such as not thinking about difficult things after 8pm so that it doesn’t interfere with your sleep.

Amy Morin, who is both a social worker and author. A similar approach was suggested in one column of Psychology Today to set aside about 20 minutes a day for self-reflection.

“Within twenty minutes Allow yourself to worry, think and be distracted as much as you want. And when the time expires Then switch to something more useful If you start thinking too much outside of your predetermined period, when? Then remind yourself that Better take it away and think in the specified time “

4. Deviate your own thoughts.

It sounds simple, but actually concentrating on two things at the same time is difficult. Try exercising or playing games when you realize you’re thinking a lot. To create a balance between emotional and physical

Many experts agree with this approach, Stepher S. Ilardi , author of The Depression Cure, told Fox News that the solution to overthinking is “the best way to do it.” Find activities that distract you, which should be “activities that involve your whole body, mind, and play with others, such as tennis or walking with a friend.”

5.Focus on what you can do today

Another way to fix a bad habit is Stop thinking and do it. Don’t focus on what you have to do. What you haven’t done yet Or even what happened around But focus on what you can do today. No matter how big or small And just do it

Bob Migliani , author of Embrace of the Chaos, wrote in The Huffington Post that he often turns his worries about the future into tangible action. “Every time I start to worry about things that have not yet arrived. I will get up from my seat. Walked over to the computer and proceeded to write my book, ” he said.

6. Respect your opinion.

The reason you still think so much that you don’t decide This may be partly because you don’t believe you are making the right choices.  Learn to respect your opinion. The more you think The more you hesitate in your own thinking.

7.You can change the wrong decisions.

It’s normal to worry that you’ve chosen the wrong job. Marry someone who is not for yourself Or even drive home the wrong way But mistakes don’t always lead to disaster. It is also an opportunity to learn and grow.

Celebrity journalist Kathryn Schulz  spoke on stage for  TED Talk .

“Realization of what I did wrong And can adjust the perspective of seeing the new world It will be the beginning of creativity and new innovation. “

“Thinking too much is often because you think it’s your last decision. It cannot be changed and only has to be correct, so you don’t have to worry about mistakes. And understand that your opinion or knowledge can change over time. Then you will feel truly calm and independent from within. “