Choosing an open face helmet, safety

For “motorcycles”, it is a vehicle that many people choose to use in their daily lives. Even if the car is parked Because it is highly flexible, convenient, fast, saving both money and time. Suitable for road conditions and traffic in our country. If anyone in the city knows that our country has a lot of traffic problems. Therefore, using a motorcycle to travel Able to drive in a zigzag style Easy access to various alleys It’s definitely faster than a car.

But if talking about safety, of course. Riding a motorcycle is more risky than a car as well. Many people have probably heard the saying that Motorcycles are like “Metal covered with steel”, ufabet the car is like “Iron clad meat,” which may be true. But if you drive recklessly not respecting traffic rules or drunk while driving what to drive It is a risk to all life. So for the safety of driving a motorcycle. You’ll need items that can protect you to a certain extent. For example , a jacket , driving gloves , trousers  , and the indispensable item is “Helmet”,  which can protect the most sensitive parts of your head as well.

Previously, we introduced a full face helmet , which is a form of helmet that offers great protection. But there must be advantages and disadvantages. Starting from quite difficult to wear The feeling is quite uncomfortable if you wear it when driving in heavy traffic situations, including the price that is quite high. Therefore, today we would like to introduce Open Face Helmet  which is a type of helmet that is both safe. Comfortable wearing does not feel uncomfortable. And it’s also inexpensive. Which will have what version? How much is that price? Let’s go see.

1. Measure your head size face helmet

The first thing you need to do is Measure your head size first. So that you can choose a helmet that is the right size for your own head. Because people’s heads are not the same size. some people have big heads some people have small heads Therefore, the right size is important, especially for high speed users. Because if the helmet you are wearing is too big and loose. while driving at high speed Impacts caused by the wind can cause the helmet to obscure your driving vision. Of course, if that happens it’s very dangerous, but if you don’t use high speed in the neighborhood, you can choose a free size helmet. But it’s best to choose the right size for your head size.

2. Check the standard face helmet

The next important thing is the helmet that you choose to receive. “Industry standards” or “TIS.” Because of this certification, it indicates that it is a quality helmet that meets international standards. Made from quality materials There are safety standards for driving. can reduce accidental damage and it is required by law.

3. Various elements

As for the composition, there are several parts that you will need to consider, mainly the weight of the hat. If you choose a helmet that is heavy, if you wear it for a long time, you may feel heavy on your head. and the other part is the front shield or windshield If you choose black shield It would be suitable for daytime use. But when used in the middle is or on a rainy day It may impair visibility. Therefore, if you want to use it mainly at night, you should choose a clear shield.

4. Design design

In this section, you can choose according to your preferences. according to your own style But we recommend that if you use the main package at night, do not choose black. The reason is because the black color seems to blend in with the vision of the companions. And the more black clothes were worn, the more dangerous it became. So it’s best to choose a colorful hat. But if you mainly use it during the day, you can choose any type.