Great way to clean leather seats. Let’s tell you!

Today we will invite you to talk about car care. Most people would think that taking care of a car means checking the engine or parts in good condition. Which is not wrong. These matters are all very important. But today we wants to invite friends to look at another part of our car. That are equally important And taking care of your friends’ cars would be impossible to ignore this component. That is to take care of the interior of the cabin itself.

Taking care of the car in the passenger compartment is important because it is the point that shows others how clean, beautiful, and comfortable our car is It is the point where we spend our time sitting all the time driving. And is a point that creates a lot of value for our cars When it’s time to sell the car Buyers next from us must try driving anyway. If taking good care of the car The atmosphere in the cabin is comfortable and helps to drive smoothly. Buyers will certainly appreciate our cars.

Inside the cabin of our car The seat is a key point that takes up a lot of space and draws a lot of attention. Today we is specific for friends who have leather seats in their cars. Because having a leather seat is quite a headache with taking care of it. Even if it’s easy to wipe away any stains But the leather seats can also be worn and torn. Let’s take a look at how to take care of the car in the leather seats. What do I need to do?

Care of leather seats in the passenger compartment

First of all, check your friend’s car manual, which has some ways to take care of the seat. Including the type of cleaning solution that should not be used

Check the seat carefully to see if there are any rips. If so, be careful not to let water or detergent get into the area.

Bring a vacuum cleaner to suck up debris or food scraps on the upholstery, friends may use a professional car wash shop vacuum. But be a little careful Do not let the head of the vacuum cleaner scratch the upholstery. Be gentle

Spray cleaning solution on a car towel. (Microfiber) and wipe the seat thoroughly several times because dust and dirt accumulate during the period that we do not wipe the upholstery if friends do not want to buy upholstery cleaner Can use vinegar mixed with linseed oil using 1 part vinegar and 2 parts linseed oil

Then spray the liquid directly onto the upholstery and use a soft brush to sweep it over. To clean more deeply

Use a dry car towel to wipe the seats all over again. To wipe off all the liquid stains on the upholstery

Expected that when friends come to see the cloth that has been wiped You will see how much dirt we have wiped away. When you see it, you will know that we have cleaned our seats. Considered a success in taking care of the car quite a bit.

Although the steps Pee Mee told me seemed easy But it takes a lot of time and patience. Which car care thoroughly like this, friends may do it for 3 months, it is enough time But at least every 1-2 weeks may be cleaned gently by using cloth and seat cleaner, it should help to take care of the car, making our cabin always nice to sit.

Who wants to polish the seats to keep our leather seats looking cool and new all the time? You can do it if your friends will choose a glossy upholstery. P’Mee recommends using a water-like upholstery liquid with a pH balanced. Especially the liquid that is specified to be with only leather seats Will be the safest

How are you? Many people may not think that the car care. Not just check the machine or wash the car only But the maintenance of leather seats has its own steps. And after cleaning Will make our car look good and drive with a fresh atmosphere at all times Who wouldn’t want to sit?

Besides washing the car and cleaning upholstery Another important way to take care of our cars and take care of our finances is to get car insurance. Or that someone who did not like it You can go and see a car insurance model that is suitable for your car and budget. We compares car insurance for friends to try and read many of them.