How to “save gas” What can we do

Gas, in a time when the economy is hit by the COVID- 19 epidemic, many people have to tighten their belts, saving most of their money. Which for car users Has been affected by this as well Because during the normal period, the market price of the oil will change and decrease. Fluctuate with world market prices like any other product. But now we can see that it goes up rather than reducing Plus, when reducing, it is lower than when increasing. So today we’re going to take everyone to see what kind of car driving consumes gas And what kind of driving will help you save gas In order to help save expenses in your daily life.

Ignition Coil and Spark Plugs Problem

The ignition coil is the medium that supplies energy to the spark plugs. When the coil operates with stiffness or failure Then cannot transmit power to the spark plug Which the spark plug serves as the ignition in the cylinder for the car to use If the spark plug malfunctions. Of course, it must definitely result in the accelerating engine. The more force you use, the more fuel you can drink. 

Do not change engine oil

For people who like to prolong or delay changing the oil continuously. I must say that you should change that habit right now. Because if we do not change the period specified Engine oil becomes viscous so that it cannot be pumped to nourish the piston, causing the engine to not accelerate. Having to use more force until the end is the reason for eating the oil.

Do not start the engine and stay in place for a long time

Anyone who likes to start the engine or park for a long time. And do not turn off the engine, you should know that this is the cause of the consumption of oil by reason Because the car is stationary but doesn’t work or some people might say it’s warm-up But believe it, just driving at a low speed for 2-3 km is enough to warm up the engine.

Carrying very heavy items

Carrying or storing a lot of things, such as trading professionals who need to use their cars to carry things, including girls or boys who like to store things like clothes, shoes, and other things. Which if we think that any piece is not necessary, it should be removed Because this is another important reason that our car is consuming more fuel than usual.

Do not drive over speed

The most basic issue that many people use. People should know each other. The faster we drive, the more gas we will consume. Therefore, using a reasonable and consistent speed throughout the drive is the easiest way to save fuel. The optimal speed is about 90 km / h as required by law. 

Always check your tires regularly

Checking your tires is another trick that will help you save more fuel. Because of that, the tire’s air is too weak, it will make the tread more friction with the road surface. Causing oil wastage Including checking for leaks and tears as well Which in addition to helping to save fuel, it also helps in matters of safety separately.

No surges and heavy brakes 

A sudden throttle that will make your car’s engine use more power. The more people who use manual transmission cars must not hang around the engine too high. Should use the appropriate engine speed. And the crushing of the brakes is the same Therefore, we should slow down and shift the braking distance well before every time to save fuel.

How are you doing with the matter of eating gasoline and the matter of saving fuel that we bring to everyone today. Hopefully this will help more or less many people. Anyone who has a car behavior that causes gas consumption should adjust that behavior for the better. And took various ways to save gas These can be used together. Because in this economic period, cost savings are considered very important. The more that is not necessary to waste money by reason. And then cut or adjust it, it should be done