Invite to visit “Kosovo”, a new country from the European Union

Kosovo or Republic of Kosovo Are a freshman from the European Union Although it was established on February 17, 2008, it is not like that within the souls of the people of Kosovo. Everyone has always accepted themselves as a country. So let’s take a look and study an interesting story. On the occasion of the 13th anniversary of the country of Kosovo This will make Kosovo become one of the countries that you must go to pin once in your life.

1. Security / Safety

Of course, nowadays Kosovo is very safe. If you compare it from the statistics with a country with high security like Thailand It also found that the safety index of Kosovo is higher than Thailand and 10% considered Kosovo a country that seems to hang around

But first things first: is Kosovo safe ? Kosovo is very safe. Based on statistics the Kosovo’s safety index is. even higher (69.69) than Thailand’s (59.99) where I feel very safe myself.

2. Beautiful Nature

With the terrain located in the Balkans. Therefore, Kosovo has many mountains. It is also the most suitable for skiing. Which has beautiful skiing spots that count as a department of famous highlights here such as Boge, Brezovica, Prevalle, Bajgore. In addition, climbing in Kosovo is considered very popular. Guaranteed from Kosovo mountaineer Uta Ibrahimi. Who had decided and conquered Mount Everest successfully She has also passed on to many others through.

Situated in the Balkans, Kosovo has mountains, excellent for skiing. In Boge, Brezovica, Prevalle, Bajgore you will find some amazing ski spots. Did I mention hiking? You may want to know Uta Ibrahimi. After having scouted and explored the mountains throughout the Balkans, she decided to climb Everest. As warm and cosmopolitan one can be, Uta is the ultimate guide if you love hiking and climbing. A book about her adventurous life could be a great gift for kids back home. 

3. Vineyards and Wine

Kosovo has a very beautiful and rich valley. Here, wine has been produced for more than two thousand years. If you visit, do not forget to visit and see the wine production in Rahovec are invited and exposed to fine wine, whether Stone Castel, Bodrumi Vjeter, Suhareka Wine , Sefa Wine or Rakia brandy made from local fruit

Mountains are sublime. . Hills are spectacular and fertile, home to some of the most ancient vineyards. Kosovo has been producing wine for at least 2000 years, so visit Rahovec and wine producers such as Stone Castel, Bodrumi Vjeter, Suhareka Wine, Sefa wine etc, for a great glass of wine, local fruit brandies, or even rakia.

4. Animal sanctuaries

At Kosovo itself, it is no different from the Thai people who have an elephant conservation center. Because here there is a bear conservation center And I can tell you that you should not miss to visit. But be careful. You may fall into a spell of cuteness from the bears. Living here

Our alternative to Elephants sanctuaries are Bears sanctuaries. Do not miss visiting one. We simply are under the bears’ charm, as all my photographer friends keep reminding me with their social media feeds.

5. Heritage

Kosovo has a beautiful natural heritage. Throughout its history, the land touched upon the era of great empires, from Illyrian Dardania to the Roman Empire, Byzantine, Serbian, Bulgarian and Ottoman, which filled the site with both Christian and Islamic sanctuaries. There are also ancient architecture like Kullas, sacred Sufi rituals or Goranis

Kosovo’s wedding make-up is rich in heritage. We have seen empires come and go: from our own Illyrian Dardania to Roman Empire, Byzantine, Serbian, Bulgarian, Ottoman rulers to former Yugoslavia.This is why the place is rich with Christian monuments, Islamic sites, vernacular buildings like kullas, intangible heritage such as Sufi rituals or wedding facial paintings of Goranis.

6. Interfaith

Another thing you can see in the daily life of the Kosovo people is Peaceful religious diversity This way of life has long been at the root of Kosovo culture. If you try walking in the towns and villages You’ll see churches and mosques so intimate, so close to the same backyard as in Ferizaj or Gjakova, you’ll be able to visit the Orthodox church, the Imperial mosque, or Begin the pilgrimage route from Mother Teresa’s church. And ended up at the Black Madonna Church in Letnice

Divers as we are in faith practices, religious harmony is engraved in our tradition. In different towns and cities, you will see Churches and Mosques sharing efortlessly the same backyard, like for instance in Ferizaj or Gjakova. It will be equally a blast if you visit Orthodox monasteries, or the Imperial mosque, or go in a pilgrimage with starting point the Mother Theresa Cathedral in capital city and destination the Black Madonna Church in Letnice where our Nobel peace winner admittedly heard the call.

7. The coffee culture

Drinking coffee in Kosovo is a very popular culture. If you have visited, please try to hold the motto. “Going to town to look forward to follow” to sit and chill and sip Macchiato coffee, feel kadal-kadal, or Thai language is comfort. Through sipping coffee in the bookstores Or is it a café where people pass by to help create another taste of drinking? And don’t forget to chat with the majority of the natives who speak English too.

Coffee culture is huge. We are proud of our macchiato. In Kosovo do as Kosovars do: sit for an hour over a big macchiato, chat. with local people who overwhelmingly speak English, and enjoy it kadal-kadal as we say, sabai-sabai as you say. Even better if you sip that coffee in a bookshop café and mingle with the hipster crowds.