“Online shopping” technique, Good shopping girl style

We know at this time Well, in this kind of economy, anything can be light But the shop is good, all good CFs will stop shopping at all. Would feel like life was missing something We conclude that we have a beautiful safe online shop technique to assure you that there is no bankruptcy.

Wish List

And sorting of the desires in the first order which one is more or less But do not forget to think about the necessity as well Or what can you wait for What comes first

Set a budget for yourself

I want it all. But how much is the budget? How to shop? Nobody said. But you have to look at your own budget to know how much you can shop, should calculate and divide your money well. Because no one wants to have to eat only Mama at the end of the month?

Compare prices Find the best promotion

Now, each shop is full of great promotions and special deals. Therefore, when you find the things you want Make sure you compare prices from different stores before checking out which stores are selling as well. Or try to see if quickly Is there any special promotion for this? For example, during Chinese New Year, Valentine, Songkran, or promotion 33 44 55, anyway, say that there is a promotion for sure. If the item is not hurry to wait We suggest you wait.

Use aids like Search Engine or Shopping Search Engine.

Like Google Shopping, Shopzilla, Ufabet online or Price Grabber, it is helpful to find information. Various websites So that we can compare promotional prices and see the reliability of the store as well.

There is a promotion, can be installment.

If there is an item that you want, there is a 0% installment service, I recommend using this promotion. We will have to save a lump sum for use first, but what else is we have to be sure that the item if we enter the installment program will be equal to paying the full amount? Because sometimes paying in full will have an additional discount If so, we should pay in full. But in all respects, our income must be calculated that it is not more than that.