“Organize the corner of the work desk”

Okay, ladies working like WFH should come back again, so Mirror wondered if that’s normal. We believe in the science of feng shui desk at work. When we switch to work at home Feng Shui will be involved in the work or not. So today we asked Dr. Matchimapunphol, the answer was about Regarding more than feng shui, a desk in the office again

Because according to Feng Shui science Where are we at? We get energy from that place, as usual if we are shortly at home. But spend 7-8 hours at work, the power of the workplace will play a part with us. But we do not own the workplace. We cannot change over there too much. Previously, the easiest thing to do was at our table. But now, if we switch to work at home And spend more time in the house The energy of the house is the most transmitted to us.

Have to let the girls try to see for themselves that when we are WFH most of the time where we settle down as a working point. Where is it Some people don’t even have a desk at home. It may be sitting at the dining table, the reception table, the table in front of the TV, or on the bed, whichever is. If according to Feng Shui science Those areas will have energy here. We can be careful with energy that will keep work slippery, sluggish, can’t think of work, sit there for a long time and have headaches from unbalanced energy Or how can we balance energy in the area where we sit and work? Let’s see.

The lights must shine in the right desk direction.

If you are sitting at work now Try looking up on the ceiling. With a lamp shining directly On your head or not If so, you should move at all. If looking in feng shui. Light has the power to impede its success. Someone has been watching. But if science is the light that shines on the head, causing the shadow of our head to be draped over the keyboard or writing notebook, making the dark look blurry, then the good light. If you are right-handed The light should be on the left. As for the left-handed people Let the light enter on the right side, if there is no light, you can find a lamp to place it. Put it on and have to turn on the light. For the brightness But if the ceiling lights don’t turn on You don’t have to worry about anything. Because it has no energy

Always set clean drinking water, you

should find drinking water set on your left. Set it all along. Astrologically Support to bring financial matters The working table is already seated with water on the left hand side, helping to trade well. Money does not run out of hands If in health It is so that you can sip water more often. Relieve stress Helping to get up to go to the bathroom often Loosening the posture from the old posture Not easy to ache And does not suffer from cystitis

Scissors, knives, sharp objects do not stay on the desk

Who works at the dining table? Or eat to go to work Be careful that there should be no sharp objects on the table. Astrology says that it is an obstacle, a problem, a problem, a problem that is not smooth, this sharp object can be used on other tables Get the same For example, at a desk, if there is a scissors and a cutter, it should not be inserted into a pen holder. Or put it on the table You should find a storage box and put it in a drawer.

Air is the power of humidity. Bad for our energy

As you have heard with often I say that the work table should not be under the air conditioner. Even working at home as well Should not work under the air conditioner, some people get cold, escape the area where the air conditioner is down. Go sit under the air conditioner. The air conditioner has both heat and power. And is considered a heavy item that should not be over our heads As a result, the work you do is unstable, unstable, causing headaches and stress easily.

The clock is dead, a sign of stopping the

clock in the house is the energy of the energetic. Just like when walking and going without vacation, if it is work, it is a representative of the work that should be able to move forward during this WFH period that will have to stay at home for a long time. I want you to check the clock at home to see if there are any dead, the battery is dead, but still located. Hurry to put the charcoal and set the time to be straight. Otherwise the clock is dead. May indicate work that is not going on If you are unfortunate, you may be hit by lay-off And should not set the clock to walk too fast or too late It results in the discipline in us slack. Not enthusiastic It is comparable to when walking is not straight. Oh, including Smart Watch that needs to be charged. Do not let the battery run out of the wrist. Hurry to charge the battery quickly

The fan blows good energy into the body

When it comes to home devices, fans are relatively energy-efficient. Helping to blow energy into the house Including the gold fan Into the house as well When having to work and earn money in the house The fan should be thoroughly washed. Both the machine and the propeller Another thing is that the fan represents Phra Phai. It is the god of the wind according to Hinduism. Do not use your feet to turn off the fan. Like disrespect It is better to use your hand to turn on and off the fan.

The stairs in the house are cluttered, indicating obstacles

The feng shui side The ladder is an occupational prosperity. Don’t put anything on the railing. Whether towels Foot towel or anything including things or shoes should not be placed on the steps as well. It will be like an obstacle in the work. Walking, advancing, there will be obstacles clearing the steps and handrails to open. Will open the way for clear work Through every project.

The tree represents the joy of relaxation

As a table in front of the TV Or which table do you use to sit and work on a regular basis Before, it might have been a dessert. There are many placenta. But if it will be used as a working table The table should be cleaned and tidy, because during this WFH it will not be just a TV table anymore. It means more than that. It is advisable to find small plants to place on the table, which are easy to grow, such as Guanyin bamboo, betel trees, ferns, or water plants to add freshness to your work. Plants or flowers that should not be placed are thorns. Any woman who is a follower of Cactus should not be placed on the desk.

Another is the equipment that we use to work is various technology equipment. Whether it’s a laptop or a mobile computer, these are considered to be fire elements. If we get a tree which is water and soil elements to balance it It will help your mental health. Balanced physical health There is a point of relaxation for both fatigue and stress.