Car Styling, Car customization is an art form. It is interesting in that it communicates one’s identity. through your favorite car For new make-up artists who are interested in customizing their cars. But still not sure which line to decorate. Try reading this article. in case it can help you customize your car in the future

How many types of car modifications are there?

1. Sport style

– Popular car styling that is well known to the general public which is decorated to be close to the cars used in the real race The highlight of this styling is the emphasis on beauty and performance enhancement to the car. And can also be used to run on the road in general.

2. VIP style

– Also known by many people as “Yakuza style”, it is a decoration that emphasizes elegance and sophistication. The color of the car emphasizes the polite colors such as white and black, and also pays attention to other details such as gold plating on the logo, leather lining inside the cabin. or interior wood grain decoration

3. Low Rider style

– As the style name suggests that is to load the car as low as possible The suspension has been modified by It is a style that is popular both in the US and Japan. will be decorated in a classic style That looks short, flat, long, and wide. The Japanese popularly decorate both sedans and pickup trucks.

4. Country style

– Some people call this style of dressing that. “Rally style”, a styling that was designed out. In order to use it to wade through every situation, through the rain, go through the forest in Thailand, most popularly decorated with pickup trucks.

5. Off-road style

– It is a style designed to match the high-lift four-wheel vehicle. To be suitable for running in the backcountry paths such as forests or off roads that normal cars can’t go through. Distinguished by the tuning of the wheels and suspension.

6. GT style

– also known as touring car configuration This styling focuses on driving performance rather than external beauty. You will find this style of styling from a smooth racing car with a powerful engine.