“6 Reasons Why Supercar Driving Isn’t As Cool”

Because it is expensive

Supercar import tax in Thailand is extremely expensive. When going to risk buying a car tax evasion If they were caught, they wouldn’t have been worth it. So if you’re not sure if you’re really rich enough Gritting your teeth. ฺBuying and driving a supercar creates a huge financial burden. 

In addition to the price of the car is brutal Other maintenance and maintenance expenses are equally harsh. For example, car insurance for a supercar is several times more expensive than ordinary cars. Where will the oil change, car tires, etc. at Ko-Ta-Ra is expensive, plus if the car is broken up. And if anyone thinks for a short while refusing to take up car insurance. The supercar repairs you have to pay each time may make you secretly cry alone.

Because it is too short

You can look at the streets of Thailand, including potholes, semis, and high hills. Even in the streets of Bangkok, driving a supercar is faced with “draining water” that sometimes accumulates up to the thighs. Let’s consider each supercar, whether Lamborghini , Ferrari, Porsche, or whatever brand. But most of them are designed to be low on the ground for beauty. And for the purpose of making speed But when used in the road in Thailand and then encountered a pit, a semis, and water to drain That’s it, the short supercar becomes a burden that is difficult to use immediately.

Because it was uncomfortable at all

In addition to being short Most of these supercar’s undercarriage are often made out to be more “stiff” than normal cars. It is useful in handling roads and cornering at high speeds. But the result is It will bounce when it comes across rough and bumpy roads. Which is a normal characteristic of the roads in Thailand So if you drive a supercar, be prepared for these shocks. Plus, these supercar seats are not designed to be “comfortable” either because they will embrace you in a sports car style that may feel uncomfortable. Not to mention other uses, such as carrying luggage, these supercar cars have little space to carry anything big when it is necessary.

Because it will make you the target of “too much” eyes

Reading through may feel that “This is not so bad.” Driving a beautiful supercar gets the attention of others. No matter where we go, there are people looking I’d like to take a picture too. It sounded like nothing to be damaged in the beginning. But if a long day has passed, you get something like this every time you leave the house. The annoyance must more or less arise. However, if you are an avid social guy. This will immediately become a plus as your supercar will attract attention and get to know you. But if you are a guy who doesn’t like to be overly targeted. Owning a beautiful supercar is something you should definitely rethink.

Because it will make you be seen by other people as a kind “Spoiled millionaire”

MenDetails knows the truth that you are not. But believe it, the other people on the road who have seen you drive a pretty, expensive supercar tend to have bad ideas for you. They will think in a negative way that “The driver must be an old junkie, a lot of money, he likes to feed a youngster,” or “The driver is probably just a rich man who doesn’t do anything, just refuses his father’s money” or “The driver is really expensive. Get it Relying on the strong car alone, “or” I suspect it is an upline business network deceitful people for sure “and other bias to recruit to” judge “you beforehand. You may shrug your shoulders and say you don’t care. Just a jealous person But to be constantly gossiping behind your back, it is not very dreadful, right?

And finally, because you will waste time looking at the car itself until you do nothing.

Accept as a man Although we have come up with a number of reasons to say that driving in a supercar is not really that great. But in the end, we still want one of those cars. And we would just sit and watch it in the morning and evening 3 times after meals Take good care of it, the kind that you call every day will not do anything. Study how to use every aspect of every aspect and function completely. Families don’t have to care about each other at all. And that can become a disadvantage if you really can’t divide time.

But what can I do? Well, these supercars are really hurting beautiful…