“Ferrari” Queen of the Road, Supper Car

When it comes to Ferrari, many people would have imagined a sporty, elegant, sporty car with speedy dynamism as the nickname given to the horse-drawn Ferrari logo. That soars forward The beauty of this Ferrari family is like a sassy young woman with versatility like a queen of the road. Arari Gun

In 1929

He was born in 1929 in Maranello, Italy, with his origins as Mr. Enzo Ferrari. He was born on February 18, 1898. He was originally raise in a fairly well-off family. Because his father owns a steel trading company, but he is not very fond of his father’s business. Since his father had taken him to the racing scene, he had been impress from the moment that when he grew up he would be the best racer in Jong Ferrari’s comfortable life ended during World War I. 

His father and brother died and were force to sell the family business. He worked in several locations until he had the opportunity to join the automobile company Alfa Romeo. Start at the mechanic Engine test driver And marketing manager.

It was in this position that he showed off his talents. And talents by co-designing a car to compete on behalf of Alfa Romeo. And myself have become a racer as well After a conflict with the son of a company owner and associate, hedecided to quit and start his own company, Auto Avio Construzioni, in 1929. Because of the war, he did not produce much of the car. With a focus on most of the engine components

In 1940

Then, in 1940,he made his dream come true, producing the first sports car, the Auto Avio Construzioni 815, powered by an eight-cylinder engine, and then another model of the car was produce. Most of the racing cars are broken. Another famous Ferrari car, the Ferrari the 125 sport, was the first post-war car that was able to soar with 12-cylinder power, and Ferrari began.

Declared with this Ferrari the 125 sport by bringing this model to the race has won 7 times in one year. The Ferrari began to be known around the world. The origin of the soaring horse logo that is black on a yellow background. Ferrari is inspired by the fact that Italian warplanes use the same emblem. He therefore adopted some as a symbol of good luck.

From then on, Ferrari has evolved both its appearance and its driving performance relentlessly. Ferrari’s reputation is famous for having won countless battles in the arena. Originally with a production focus on racing cars, it began to produce sports cars that are used on the road. But still being a Ferrari that is beautiful and strong, just like a race car Every model, every type that has been produced, has received a tremendous response from all over the world. Because Ferrari is truly the queen of the road.