Take a look at 10 “luxury car brands” you want to see

Of course, the price is higher. Surely comes with the words Quality and outstanding That no one can easily possess. Are you one of those people who, despite not having the merit of exorbitantly expensive items, but loves and loves to look away, today we would like to please all men who love luxury cars, meet 10 A luxury car brand that looks how many times it has to wow! Don’t wait, let’s go see it.

1. Ferrari

Ferrari is one of the symbols of speed. Luxury and richness As well as being one of the most successful famous sports car manufacturers And are sold all over the world Its unique color is red (Rosso Corsa), which belongs to the Italian Ferrari race car, which is considered the most successful in Formula One.

2. Lamborghini

The famous sports car brand has been hailed as one of the best sports cars in the world, sought after by heavy luggage. With a fierce cool design according to the fierce bull style And the high price reached ten million baht It is a good indication of the driver’s style.

3. Jaguar

Another famous brand with luxury, speed and speed, originated in Coventry, England, but now (2019) the Jaguar is under the management of Tata Motors with the logo “Jaguar” animal. Cat family forest Therefore it is not strange to be called a car expert “Tiger Lampong”

4. Mercedes-Benz

Of course, no one would not know this brand of car. In addition to the extremely high price And a cool design, it is regarded as the most charming luxury car. Largest size And most valuable It is also truly the most modern in the field of automotive engineering.

5. Aston Martin

It is a real sports car. But the style is British aristocracy. Unlike Ferrari or Lamborghini from the Italian who will be bluntly, Aston will be an English elite. There is a principle in designing all models of cars according to the golden ratio or the Golden Ratio, which Aston believes is the most valuable beautiful proportion that has it all.

6. Porsche

Become the prototype of smartness and coolness for the most successful Porsche in motorsport. Can win more than 28,000 races, today Porsche is the world’s largest racing car manufacturer.

7. BMW (BMW)

Another popular car that is often seen in our home. The image of BMW is fun, cheerful, energetic, charming, sporty and modern, making it the most attractive luxury car of the era.

8.Bugatti Veyron

There are many different brands of expensive luxury cars. But the most expensive must be given to “Bugatti Veyron” because it is expensive because of the engine system, safety and cool design that is unique. Making many billionaires want to possess.


An unusual British luxury car brand that, apart from producing ten-digit high-priced cars There is also a newly launched baby stroller / bike. You can call it the brand that really does not stop moving.

10. Audi

A four-loop camp sedan from Germany. That seems to be pleasing to all sour girls With a sporty exterior and interior look combined with luxury Making the quality and appearance attractive to use, unlike any competitor

For those who don’t have a budget Watch as eye candy As inspiration for first. See a beautiful design like this If you want to know the price Let’s check the middle price here.