9 “Automotive innovations” that are so close

Automotive innovations technology is moving fast, that kind If not following the news Or experience new cars Continuously We may meet new challenges. Unexpectedly, such as finding a way to start the engine. Even though it’s design to be a lot easier Using a smart key system And start button. Who is familiar with the steering wheel key. May be confused as a chicken with a broken eye Because designers are looking for a wide variety of engine starter buttons in each vehicle.

If we still remember (If the age of the name to) Buying a car in the past, it just says “Vawtham.” This means that there are air conditioners, radio, tapes and wheels. But explaining the properties of cars today. It may take more than 2 lines of space, but the automotive engineers are not stopping to introduce new innovations that amaze us. Therefore, we would like to present the story of 9 innovations that will definitely appear for us to try out within 5 years.


We have read many times about technology that will allow us to take off the steering wheel. Although it is not a 100% self-running system, it has seen many new models of cars. Provide systems that will help us make our journey safer, for example by helping to keep the car out of our lane. Or parking assistance system without steering wheel control And believe that the time of the car to run on its own to the full Approaching every moment. This can be seen from the introduction of the unmanned racing car “ROBORACE” (ROBORACE) in mid-2017, although it has not yet shown its full potential. But we have already seen that The experimental car called “DEVBOT” (DEVBOT) was able to run around the racetrack by itself. And while testing the scene, a stray dog ​​ran down the track, and Dave Bot was able to escape safely. (I do not know if the scene is scary or not) is a good vision that


It looks like an autonomous vehicle system. But this innovations technology can work even when you’re in control of your car. And with the advancement of sensor technology and fast processing The car may also work against what you command, for example the car will avoid potential accidents with automatic braking management. Even if you crush the gas pedal to make it crash into something. Which means The driving crash into the crowd mad at Times Square of New York City. Will be difficult to happen


A system that draws on the driver’s measurable biological data for conceptual evaluation and analysis is the next chapter in vehicle comfort. In the past, we had to unlock the keys to get into the car. And start the engine But nowadays we have smart keys Or a keyless entry system (KEYLESS-ENTRY), just carry the key with you. We can open the door And order the car to start the engine at your fingertips But in the future, cars will only need your fingerprint to work. This is no different from unlocking your smartphone. And if that car has multiple users Each person’s handwriting identifies adjustments. Of the car is in accordance with the body size Personality and taste Of each driver automatically As if it is your car alone, such as a public rental car or carsharing (CAR SHARING) in the future that when you have registered for the biometric system. No matter which car you open the door into. You will find that the car’s chair has been adjust to suit you. And the radio station is always your favorite channel.


In other countries, the concept of car insurance was start. Based on the driver’s driving data. Whether it is a matter of distance Speed ​​use Fixed parking place By sending the data back to it for automatic evaluation It is similar to the systems that exist in trucks. Or public vehicles today For use in risk assessment But the driver must agree to provide these personal information. In exchange for a discount on insurance premiums At this time, it is also a system that depends on the insured’s consent. But it is uncertain that in the future it may be compulsory. Which would not like many tourist butler


Say it is The next chapter of technology, HUD or Head-Up Displays (HUD: HEAD-UP DISPLAY) that is just a faint green display. Project only the speed data Or navigation arrows Small size on the windshield Nowadays it has become colorful. More colorful And predicted that in the next era Looking through the windshield It is a double image like playing a game “Pokémon Go” that is a game genre. The most popular virtual overlays (AUGMENTED REALITY) in recent times. We will be able to see the image of the navigation system. Or interesting information on the windshield in full 3D Increase the safety of driving more


Looks like technology in a Hollywood movie. But most car users do not know that it has been true that it has been true for a while now. It is available in the on-star system (ONSTAR) of any GM vehicle that operates via a 4G wireless data network with current GPS satellites. The on-star system will keep track of the data of the cars in the network all the time. If found that the car has had an accident such as an airbag eruption Will immediately dispatch a support team.

It also helps to locate the vehicle in the event of a theft. And if there is a notification from the staff Can immediately turn off the car that escapes Helps reduce accidents from high speed chases. It is believe that such a system will certainly be push as the standard of the next generation of cars. (What you see in a Hollywood movie like car hijacking might just turn out to be true.)


This concept was inspired. From the current body detection devices such as the new smartwatch It was initiate by Ford Motor Company by attaching a cardiac sensor to the seat belt harness at the steering wheel or on the seat to detect the driver’s vital signs. And send the data back to the data center via 4G signal. If the driver is found to have severe fatigue or heart attack The automatic control system will intervene. And put the car safely into the parking lot. Along with sending distress signals to the hospital It is believe to save lives and reduce accidents caused by drivers with heart failure quite a bit.


The current downsized engine is undeniable. We have seen Ford and Honda show off their six-cylinder V6 engines in their GT and NSX models. When working with a new generation of highly efficient turbo and electric motors. Will be more powerful than many large cars Before the transition to a full electric age We are convinced that we will see a sub-2.0 liter 4-cylinder Supercar that can reach speeds of 300 km / h for sure.


It is believed that many of you will be familiar with seeing advertisements displayed on social media pages. Whether it’s Facebook or YouTube, but did you know. They are carefully selected according to your personality, gender and age through software analysis, so what you see Will be different from that of the neighbors Or even someone in your family So how does it relate to our cars? This matter is definitely about Because when we “log in” into the Internet system Through our car via biometric system (Go back to point 3) and along the way that we drive If there is an event Or stories that we are interested in, such as having a cell work (should be liked by girls), the system will immediately present them to us via the active screen (see point 5)

Let’s follow up and see how quickly these 9 innovations will come true. But believe that it will not be too long to wait for sure.