9 Most “Advanced Car Technologies”, Answering The Future

“Car”, a land vehicle technology produced to meet the transportation problems in the past. Causing the convenience of traveling From the past, we had to ride a carriage, horseback riding, elephant riding and boating for several days to reach our destination. Just by using a car can greatly shorten the time. The car has change the way of our lifestyles completely. Today, HSEM MOTOR does not wait, we would like to take you readers to look at 9 innovative automotive innovations. This work is not common!

Checklist of 9 cutting-edge car technologies


In the past, many people have heard about this automotive innovation. That there will be autonomous cars in the future. In 2018, this automotive innovation is already becoming available at some of the world’s leading automobile companies. In addition, big tech companies like Google, Apple, Uber, Baidu, Intel are also playing players in this market. Believe me, when autonomous vehicle technology becomes more stable. You will definitely see this technology in Thailand in two eyes.


This automotive innovation is unique in that It can work even if you are controlling the car. With sensor technology and fast processing The vehicle can therefore work against what you command, for example the car will avoid potential accidents with automatic braking management. Even if you press the gas pedal, it will crash into something. Of course, this technology system has already been used in some newer cars. But still unstable and must continue to develop.


An automotive innovation that leverages the driver’s measurable biological data for evaluation and analysis. For the convenience of using the car For example From where before, had to unlock the key to start the car In the future, only your fingerprint may be used to operate. Which is no different from unlocking a smartphone today And if that car has multiple users Each person’s handwriting identifies the vehicle adjustments automatically according to the body size, personality and taste of each driver. As if it were your car alone


For this technology has already started some abroad. Starting from the concept of collecting car insurance from the driver’s driving data Whether it is a matter of distance Speed ​​used Fixed parking place The data is then sent back for automatic evaluation. It is similar to the systems that exist in trucks. Or public vehicles today in order to assess the risks that may arise However, the driver must agree to provide this personal information first in exchange for a discount on the insurance premium.


This automotive innovation is based on the technology of HUD or Head-Up Display (HUD: HEAD-UP DISPLAY) from the original just a faint green display showing only speed information. Or navigation arrows Small size on the windshield Nowadays it has become colorful. More colorful And predicted that in the next era Looking through the windshield It is a virtual double image (AUGMENTED REALITY), we will be able to see the image of the navigation system. Or interesting information on the windshield in full 3D, making driving safer.


As for technology, the command to turn off the car engine from a distance has been true for a while. It is available in the on-star system (ONSTAR) of any GM vehicle that works via a 4G wireless data network with current GPS satellites. The on-star system will keep track of the data of the cars in the network all the time. If found that the car has had an accident such as an airbag eruption Will immediately dispatch a support team 

It also helps to locate the vehicle in the event of a theft. And if there is a notification from the staff Can immediately turn off the car that escapes Helps reduce accidents from high speed chases. It is believed that such a system will certainly be pushed as the standard of the next generation of cars. 

7. Driver’s health monitoring system (ACTIVE HEALTH MONITORING)

The concept is inspired by body detection devices such as the new smartwatch. It was initiated by Ford Motor Company by attaching a cardiac sensor to the seat belt harness, steering wheel or on the seat to detect the driver’s vital signs. And send the data back to the data center If the driver is found to have severe fatigue or a heart attack The automatic control system will intervene. Put the car into the parking lot and immediately send a distress signal to the hospital for safety.


To begin with, Ford and Honda present a six-cylinder V8 engine in the GT and NSX models, which, despite their small size, when combined with powerful new turbo and electric motors. high Making it more powerful than many large cars Before the transition to the full electric car era We are convinced that we will see a 4-cylinder supercar with a capacity of less than 2.0 liters, which can achieve speeds of 300 km / h for sure.


In the future when we “log in” to the Internet through our car. Biometric system And along the way that we drive If there is an event Or stories that we are interested in, such as having cell work, the system will immediately present those information to us via an active screen.

And this is good news that HSEM MOTOR brings you to read today. In the future we may see these 9 technologies, of course, not too long to wait!