“Automotive innovation”, Soar to the top

Automotive innovation, when the car became the fifth factor of life It is a necessity that many people want to acquire as well as housing or other assets. Making the evolution of the automobile more and more advanced, competing with creativity Inventing new types of vehicles to meet the needs of various consumers has amazing potential. Until sometimes unable to predict the style of the car in the future at all What many people dream of come true: a car can fly in the air without going through traffic jams. Or cars that move everywhere like sci-fi movies have happened. Can the best of automotive innovations gathered in this article revolutionize the way the entire world travels? Prepare to fly into the future at the same time.

Driverless car

If talking about driverless cars People tend to think of Google first. Because it has develop an experimental driverless car since 2009. An electric vehicle with a sensor system powered by smart software. Make the car move on its own can detect movement outside the car. And connect to the GPS system, although it has not been use today. Other automotive companies are also commit to the development of this technology. Such as the American giant Tesla, known for producing electric vehicles. 

The goal is to develop technology that is clean and sustainable. Because it is believe that it will become the main energy source of the world in the future. This is the birthplace of a new Tesla project. Collaborating with Samsung to develop a ‘Full Self-Driving Chip’ for self-driving cars. Which is expect to be ready for real use in the next 2 years. At the same time will also develop other software. That can automatically read traffic lights and road markings. In addition,

Tesla announced that by 2020 It will serve 1 million robo-taxi unmanned taxis, which passengers can request a ride through a smartphone app. Then the taxi will come to pick you up at the waiting point. The service costs 18 cents per mile, and the technology use in driverless taxis is software call Autopilot, or advance driver assistance systems. 

Which uses machine learning algorithms to control the operation of cameras, sensors and various in-vehicle systems to process and issue commands such as adjusting the speed while driving on the road Force automatic parking and shift the distance to stay in the road lane, etc. 

To process and issue commands. such as adjusting the speed while driving on the road Force automatic parking and shift the distance to stay in the road lane, etc. To process and issue commands. Such as adjusting the speed while driving on the road Force automatic parking And shift the distance to stay in the road lane, etc.

Flying car

Riding by car automotive, although it is comfortable But that doesn’t mean each type of car can get you anywhere as fast as a plane. Not counting the traffic congestion, the Tokyo-based technology maker and developer NEC Corp. In japan Has developed a flying car and has successfully built a prototype model. By testing the car’s performance through the public eye. 

The car can float approximately 3 meters above the ground for 1 minute. Four large propellers are mounted on top to control it to fly and land like a helicopter. This car is powered by batteries. And it looks like a controlled drone, which NEC will continue to develop into a flying car for the transportation of goods in rural and mountainous areas primarily by 2023 and to become a vehicle for people. General Since 2030, the project to create flying cars is intended to connect transportation together. 

Reduce traffic congestion in the city. As well as being useful for Japanese people living outside the city to travel more easily. More importantly, it can also be used to move the patient in an emergency as well. If Japan is able to follow the road map for the next 10 years. We will probably see flying cars moving on the road and in the sky.

Transformed car

If you think cars are flying automotive and driverless are not exciting enough. We recommend you to know the transformed car. It has legs and can walk! This is the breakthrough design work of the Hyundai CRADLE team in Silicon Valley. That unveiled the Hyundai ELEVATE Concept, a walkable prototype UMV (Ultimate Mobility Vehicle). 

There are doors on all 4 sides of the car is designed to be used in many situations. Since exploring difficult to reach areas. It can be a rescue vehicle to help people after an earthquake, hurricane or flood. Because the highlight is that all 4 wheels have a 5-level wheel center motor with suspension. 

Each wheel can be independently operated and is integrate. With the robot legs that can be raise to increase the cabin height, retract or expand to limitless access to difficult areas. Robotic legs can step on their feet similar to that of an animal. Can stretch the legs to climb in different levels up to 1. 52 meters has a mode of travel that can cross more obstacles than a normal off-road vehicle. The legs of the car can also be folded for use on normal roads.

Car for equality

Automotive giants like Hyundai are not just developing transformational cars. It also showcases new technology for drivers with hearing impairments. Through the video campaign of Quiet Taxi to drive more freely and safely. It is also able to communicate with passengers understandably. Using AI technology to install an out-of-vehicle audio analyzer with AVC (Audio-Visual Conversion) system. It converts the sound into a visual image displaying information on the HUD or the driver’s windshield. 

In order to know that the vehicle’s horn. He is being sounded next to it, LED lights are install around the steering. Wheel to provide navigation information while driving. And there is also an ATC (Audio-Tactile Conversion) system that converts the audio data into a vibrating steering wheel. 

To let the driver know the external environment on the road Tells the distance from obstacles accurately, but also has a tablet for passengers to speak at the machine to notify the destination Reduces communication errors if Quiet Taxi technology is widely used.

It can be seen that the advancement of automotive innovation is not just the latest technology innovation competition. Or can only fly as high as possible But mainly consider the benefits that people receive. And also think for people who suffer from disasters or lack social opportunities. This includes the trend of sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative energy. Which is a focus of many organizations around the world. In the future, we may be able to see more advanced vehicles. Drive more force But save more energy. And became the main mass transit vehicle that everyone has access to Must continue to follow.