“Autonomous Car” technology in 2040 and 2050

The year 2040-2050 is coming to this. It is said that autonomous vehicle technology will be very powerful. The technology of such cars is ” Autonomous Car”  is a powerful future technology. Driving will calculate the internal system. Can prevent accidents on the road And must be tested to see if the vehicle is effective in safe unmanned operation or not.

5 benefits of Autonomous Car

1. Helps reduce road accidents

As I said above In the calculation of the internal system will be automatic if modern automotive technology is applied. Will help reduce accidents caused by carelessness Can respond quickly to the surroundings Make driving safer So you don’t have to waste your property by reason.

2. Reduce global warming

Using electricity instead of oil Will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions And does not cause global warming In addition to producing electricity from fuels, it is also friendly to the world and the environment. Can be reused and used When we inhale the air It will not harm the body as well.

3. Convenience

For the daily hectic journey of a child, the elderly or the disabled, it is difficult Without automatic cars to help, so when technology comes into comfort It will help make their lives as easy as ever.

4. Reduce the risk of criminal cases.

Because of the use of automated vehicles The car will move on its own. Do not have to worry about the careless accidents that hurt others. Or die.

5. The cost of electricity is cheaper than oil.

The market of oil is likely to be even higher in the future. But while that electric power will be cheaper No need to add high-priced fuel. Resulting in cost savings several time.

Disadvantages of Autonomous Car

Everything in this world does not have a single advantage. There will be disadvantages as well. But some disadvantages may be better in the future. In which we will share the disadvantages Out into the following points.

1. Cars are quite high

Electric cars It will require high efficiency production. Inevitably, these types of cars are priced very high, such as the Tesla Model S, which costs more than 2 million baht, or even the cheapest car like the Nissan Leaf, it also has a starting price of up to 1 million baht

2. The distance is limited

Automatic travel by car Must use electric power to work And electric cars that have limited battery capacity May not travel very far Must be looking for a place to charge the battery all the time Or use the wrong way, it may cause the car to jam And damage as well.

3. Not always suitable for everyone.

The advantages of electric cars are friendly to the world and the environment. But it is still a small choice for the user. For many reasons and limitations, such as limited battery usage. Have to keep charging enough when traveling. Or a technology system that is too advanced Until unable to truly understand its use.

4. Still unclear in safety

From the foregoing, electric vehicles can actually help reduce road accidents. But must be honest that Safety is not very clear. Because the system of electric cars is quite complex How can we be sure, right? That some will produce quality electric cars And safe to use In the past case, there was a test drive of the Tesla electric car. Then collides with robots Humanoid until Damaged, it is necessary to check the origin. And various working systems Or to choose to buy in the future, you have to make a good decision whether it will be used in our home If we travel long distances Or leave the air conditioner on for a long time It may cause the battery to run out of cars, and the more we do not know how to fix it It may be dangerous as well. Until the future, there will be a test to determine whether ufabet autonomous cars can really move safely. 
If bringing technology Modern vehicles come into use It will change your daily life. In particular, it will facilitate the new generation. However, it is still a matter of the future as well. No matter how far the technology is advanced Carelessness is also something that we should all be on the lookout for.  Having good car insurance is always a necessity. Help cover and take care of your beloved cars. You can trust every time.