“Energy Future car trends, Renewable energy

The effects of global warming have put pressure on all countries of the world to take measures to reduce their use of fossil energy.
In addition, the need for energy security is another factor that pressures countries. Reduce fuel consumption by 

  • Supplying other energy To replace oil in transportation
  • Developing more efficient automotive technology and other energy-based technologies in transport, hybrid and electric vehicles are a technology that has been developed rapidly in the past 10 years. Battery technology that allows batteries to store more electric energy. Contribute to accelerating the development of new hybrid and electric vehicles. Which are commercially available Given the trends of technological developments and sales of hybrid and electric vehicles, it has the potential to play an important role in tackling global warming. It will also make the environment better. Because it greatly reduces exhaust emissions into the atmosphere. 

Energy sources that can replace oil in transportation

There are several types of energy sources that can be used to replace gasoline and diesel in road transport:

1. Natural Gas (CNG)

Natural gas is consider a clean fuel. It emits about 50% lower carbon dioxide. But requires a bigger and heavier gas cylinder.(2) Biofuels Biofuels 
are ethanol and biodiesel. As for that ethanol, if it is used in a high proportion. Must have to adjust the engine to be use as well. 

3. Electric power Electric

power can be use to replace oil in 2 ways:

  • The first approach is to use both electricity and oil in hybrid or hybrid vehicles. By hybrid vehicles must use both Engine and electric motor    
  • 3.2) The second approach is to use only electric power through the electric motor driven by batteries in electric vehicles that have been used for a long time. But the older electric cars had a limit on how far they could drive with each electric charge. And takes a long time to charge In addition, it can carry other weight less. Because they have to carry very heavy batteries New electric cars have batteries that use new technology to store much more energy. And solve all problems of old electric cars 

4. Hydrogen gas (H2)

Hydrogen gas is featured as a clean combustible fuel that produces steam. But hydrogen does not exist by itself in nature, but it combines with other substances into compounds. Such as water (H2O), conventional gas, methanol (CH3OH), etc. Therefore, if hydrogen gas is to be use, it must be produced from compounds containing ufabet hydrogen gas.

The use of hydrogen gas as a fuel in the production of electrical and mechanical energy. Must use a fuel cell (a new energy technology) as a power machine And a fuel cell car as the source is called Fuel Cell Vehicles