“In conclusion, Clubhouse solves the myths of EV cars”

At this time, the motor show is showing cars, many people are paying attention to the EV cars, even after entering the car, it received a lot of attention and is another option to reduce pollution as well. March beartai together with MG to open an educational session about EV cars on the clubhouse platform on the topic Correct the wrong belief in EV cars and share your experience that it is worth buying to drive in Thailand? The answer to the question is Miss Suramis Charoenngam from the drive page. Sa and Nui Phongsuk is a moderator for anyone who is unable to listen to it, you can read a summary of interesting content from this article.

Interesting question

Do electric trains add dangerous waste? Because it has a big battery Indestructible Dangerous waste The more you use it, the more damage the world?

A large battery, the size of an electric vehicle. We can’t put it stubbornly in the trash. And it is unlikely that anyone will do it. More importantly, even if it is a damaged battery. It is also worth Because there are many components in the battery that can be recycled For the damaged battery. They will send it to a battery recycling company that is certified according to international standards. Therefore, it does not destroy the environment and is not left to be dangerous.

Will charge the electric car at home Have to change to a 3-phase electricity meter only?

The minimum home meter is 1 phase 30 (100) amperes, depending on the home’s electricity consumption. Whether there is still enough power left to install the Home Charger or not if using a small amount Can be attached immediately This can be consulted with a qualified technician who is representative of the Home Charger installation company to provide advice suitable for our home.

DC charging or Quick charge often, will the battery deteriorate quickly?

The manufacturer recommends that frequent DC or Quick charge can cause battery degradation more than AC or Normal Charge, because DC charging is a very fast charge. As if pushing high power Therefore can be used on long journeys when necessary But it also causes more heat and deterioration. Like letting people listen to seminars and enter a meeting room Normally we slowly walked in line. Even if it takes a little time But the seats are neatly arranged and tidy and safe, just like charging AC at home, but if people run into the place as quickly as possible People collide with injuries. Too tight. No regulation. This is like a DC fast charge. But efficiency Orderliness is not the same

It is recommended to charge the electric vehicle with an AC charger or AC charger at least once a month with 100% full charge in order to get the best performance and prolong the lifespan of the electric vehicle battery.

Electric cars drive in water, will electric lights leak and shock people on the road or not?

This point is not different from petrol cars. Is an electric car that can drive through water But there is a water level that is forbidden to be too high Otherwise, the car will turn off as well, roughly, it should not be too high under the car, but what is certain is that the light will not leak into the water. And don’t short people

In case of flooding and the electrical system has problems The system will automatically cut off the power. For safety
However, avoid driving in the presence of water up to the battery under the car floor. If unavoidable Customers should find a parking lot with a higher ground level and a dry floor. By taking the car from the flooded area, drive within 30 minutes to wait for the water level to drop before continuing. This is to prevent damage to the battery and other systems, after which it is recommended that the vehicle be checked at a service center. It is recommended to drive at low speed when driving through water.

Can the electric car wash? Will the electrical system be broken or not?

Cleaning the car outside This can be done with a regular car wash. And if necessary to clean the engine room It is recommended to clean with a clean cloth dampened with water. It is forbidden to spray water directly into electrical equipment in the engine room. Because the equipment in the engine room is all electrical equipment To prevent possible damage to electrical equipment.