ORA Punk Cat new Chinese electric turtle car

The new ORA Punk Cat, a Chinese electric vehicle with a similar exterior to the five-door turtle. That made its world debut at Auto Shanghai 2021 in April.

The ORA Punk Cat is one of the ORA electric prototypes. That were unveil at the Shanghai Motor Show a few months ago. The highlight is the adoption of the original VW Beetle design style into a five-door car with familiar oval-shape headlights and taillights. It is complement by a front and rear bumper with a chrome design that enhances the charm of this car as well.

    The interior of the cabin focuses on retro, not allergic to the outside. The steering wheel is a replica of the ’70s VW Beetle, adding a touch of elegance with wood trim material and high-gloss gold chrome. Decorate the cabin in the same green color as the exterior and trim with cream leather material. Add a modern touch with a large infotainment screen above the console panel. With a spherical digital display of driving information

However, even before Volkswagen announce it would cease making the Beetle from 2019, it registered the trademark “e-Beetle” in 2020. Which is expect to be one of the electric car family. ID, so it’s not certain that ORA adopted the Beetle’s design. Will it become the same future dispute that happened between Land Rover and Land Wind?

    But I believe that many people who saw the design of this ORA Punk Cat would definitely fall in love with each other.