The future of automotive technology

automotive industry It is changing rapidly with digital technology. that is advance in the present automotive technology are constantly evolving By using new technology to participate as much as possible Sometimes automotive technology grows so fast that we can hardly keep up. The availability of new automotive technology has made driving easier and more secure. But the driver himself had to trade for a higher price than usual. Automotive technology has gone a long way to modernizing today. But most camps think far into the future. From the information asked for a global automotive market survey of more than 13 countries foreseeing the future of automotive.

More and more people are buying their own cars.

Although the world today can not predict the direction. and more changes especially the demand for cars and the perception of owning a car While the COVID-19 outbreak will play a part in making the decision to buy a car more difficult. which means that COVID-19 It has influenced how people think about owning a car, with 48% of people worldwide thinking car ownership is very important despite COVID-19. will be an obstacle The most common is a decrease in income. But with the inadequate public transport system, most people would like to have their own car. Ultimately, no matter what form people are facing the impact of COVID-19, the importance of owning a car. Overall, it remains at a high level.

automatic drive system automotive technology

Most people are starting to accept it. Autonomous driving technology, more attention and study more automotive technology than ever before If autonomous driving technology comes in the form of public transport, most of the reports have found safety concerns. including concerns about use Some countries have already begun trials of autonomous driving by CRUISE, but in contrast, 77% of global respondents are feeling that people’s opinions about cars are starting to change. go And while private cars are still important to us, will autonomous driving really make driving less?

New electric vehicles automotive technology

The dwindling of gasoline-powered cars And diesel fuel is real. And it’s starting to get stronger. According to the survey, more than 29% prefer hybrid electric vehicles. And while 12% of people are considering switching to All- Electric Vehicles Unfortunately. The growth of the electric vehicle market is limit by only a few models. Although there are many camps out there, but overall, there are still cars that use more gasoline to choose from. In addition, there is not enough energy charging infrastructure during this period.

Mobility Services More and more people are turning to public transport.

It is anticipated that hailing public transport via the app will increase if people are willing to ditch their private cars and switch to public transport. According to research, many people are increasingly concerned about the effects of vehicle use on the environment. This is reflect in the shift in the behavior of very important people, but in an era of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has shaken the minds of people who want to use public transport. 

the future of automotive Some of these remarkable sights may have begun to be seen today. But believe that this is not the most innovative automotive for sure. Because the development of automotive technology is relentless and it is expected that there will be no end to the benefits of automotive innovation. Contribute to making life easier including saving the world Help the environment