Where is “Video Streaming”? Suit you best

Technology advancement Combined with modern people’s lifestyles, Video Streaming has become more and more popular and more popular. Importantly, Video Streaming is also a copyrighted online viewing channel. Legally as well. Currently, there are a variety of Video Streaming you to choose from.

Which depends on the preferences of the individual Whether you’re interest in any particular content including peace of mind in terms of price Who calculated and felt that it was worth paying each month

Compare the advantages of each video streaming


An online streaming that offers a wide variety of entertainment, including movies, series (Europe, Asia), documentaries, cartoons, and animation. Netflix also has its own movie creation called Netflix Original. Compare to the value of a premium monthly payment of 419 baht, but can be divide with friends by watching at the same time up to 4 people, Netflix is ​​consider suitable for people of all ages who like to watch that are not monotonous As for the other advantages. It is 30 days free trial, no friends dividing. You can subscribe to one person at a price of 99 baht per month


Chinese content center Be it a series or variety show Some of the more current shows include the famous Pyrotechnics Master Series and CHUANG 2020, which has arrived at CHUANG 2021, of course, which is still immensely popular. Anyone who is a Chinese fan club should not miss WeTV VIP, apply for a monthly subscription, the price is only 89 baht.


If you are an avid Korean fan, VIU is the streamer you should have. Because it is packed with Korean variety series With Thai subtitles to complete Whether it is a new series that is currently airing in Korea Which you find difficult to find Or to watch it, it will have to wait a week, but for VIU you will be watching the latest episode in the next temple. With a complete subtitle, before anyone else, here, one place, a monthly VIU PREMIUM member, the service fee is 119 baht.


A Netflix rival, but iflix’s strengths are doing well is its reality variety show in the West. To choose to watch more, and some content is still updated quickly There are Thai subtitles from US for less than 24 hours. Iflix VIP service is available daily, weekly and monthly, with monthly only 99 baht and can be viewed at the same time for 2 devices.


Another popular streaming player dubbed Netflix in China, the highlight is that it focuses on Asian content, especially China, suitable for series and variety fans from the dragon country. For the current content, there will be Youth With You, a survival program, looking for a new Chinese idol with BLACKPINK’s Lisa as a dance mentor.For iQiyi VIP members, the service fee is At 119 baht per month


You can watch for free without paying any subscription fees. Focus on producing Thai content. And some programs are only available on LINE TV, including the popular Korean idol survival program Produce X 101, are available with copyright on LINE TV, but the free stuff is free. There are often annoying advertisements. For anyone who is not serious Is considered to be the answer to the question


The highlight is that it can be viewed on all networks. Not limited to AIS, there are movies, series, popular TV programs in Thailand. Most of the content is free to watch. But for anyone who wants to watch premium channels such as WBTV, tVN, Bein Sports, FOX Sports, CNN, etc., there will be a service charge depending on the package.

True ID

You can view unlimited camps as well. But the distinctive point of True ID is that there are Premier League sports to watch. But watch for free only for some couples For anyone who wants to watch the live broadcast of a special football match, it can be done. Just pay a service fee of 499 baht per month. Recently, True ID also joins hands with iQiyi by introducing more than 20 content from iQiyi on True ID, allowing you to try the first 3 episodes for free as well.


It is very suitable for fans of movies and series on Mono29 channel. There is a wide variety of content to choose from, including movies, series, cartoons, TV shows, music videos, documentaries, serving both Thai and Thai subtitles. Packages start at 129 baht per month.

The Disney + streaming service entertainment in the form of movies, series and television shows for Disney, which gathers content subsidiary of Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic that many people look forward to it. Currently not available in Thailand. But according to previous data, Disney + will have a starting monthly fee of 219 baht and can view 4 screens at the same time, which means that if you divide with your friends Will only fall 54-55 baht per person per month.